Poster and Project Demo Session is to provide a forum to address new applications or techniques based on upcoming research challenges and innovative approaches in the field of Engineering and Management. The main aim is to collaborate between industry and academia. This serves as a platform for students, researchers and developers from industries to showcase their innovations and experimental results which paves direction for future and extensive work.


The participants are asked to submit a concise report which describes the main contributions and the prime focus of the poster. Proposals should be in Single-column format with a maximum of 3 pages and should contain the following

  • Author details(Name, Dept, College Name, Guide Name(not mandatory))

  • Objectives

  • Problem Statement

  • Novelty

  • Social Benefits

  • Design (Architecture/System)

  • Result & Discussion(If Possible)

  • Conclusion

Posters are evaluated by a panel of academia based on the creativity, originality, presentation and audience appeal. Posters must be submitted via email to Accepted posters are considered for registration. The accepted posters will be published in the conference proceedings and will be evaluated and considered for the Best Poster Award with certificate. Participants are advised to strictly adhere the instructions for the preparation of the posters.

Poster Display Size: When preparing accepted posters, please note that your poster should be in A2 size. Other formats will not be supported. Also the poster participants are responsible to bring their own accessories for the presentation.

Project Demo

Student, Researchers and Developers from industries are encouraged to submit project demo proposals and should contain the following

  • Project Title

  • Problem Statement

  • Objective of the work

  • Design

  • Summary of application

  • Preliminary results

  • Conclusion

  • Bibliography

Project proposals should be in Single-column format with a maximum of 4 pages and submissions should be made through via email to and also authors have to clearly describe the requirements regarding the electronics support, power strips, etc., required for the demonstration.

Each project entry will be assessed by a judging panel consisting of members from industry and academia. The panel members will evaluate the aspects of creativity and originality, engineering design, societal applications, presentation and demonstration and audience appeal. Basic facilities will be provided for the authors in the project demonstration. The accepted projects will be published in the conference proceedings and considered for the Best Project Award with certificate.

The last date for Poster/Project demo proposal is on or before January 10, 2018. JPEG and PDF formats are preferred.